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  Cheng Hua offer products for automating a process, material handling, verification, control, packing, palletizing and data management.
Our products include :

Roller Conveyor, Zero Pressure Conveyor, Accumulation Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Free Flow Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Sortation Conveyor.
Slat Conveyor, Roller Bed Conveyor, Power & Free Conveyor, Overhead Conveyor, Friction Conveyor.
Vertilator, Lifter, Air Lifter, Scissor Lifter, Turn Table, Traverser, Diverter.
Robotic system, Auto Storage & Retrieval System, Automatic Palletizer & Depalletizer.
Electrical Control System and PLC and PC Software.

We listen to our customers. Then we engineer, design, produce, and implement at site, the ‘best-fit’ solutions and ensuring these objectives are achieved for our customers :

Smartly-engineered functions to increase operation efficiency and productivity
Easy to adapt, flexibility for production of different models
Safe, easy-to-work environment for operators
Improved inventory management
Worry-free, dependable lifetime
Reduced lifetime cost for the customers