Modernisation & Upgrades

Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Conveyance and Sortation solutions represent the critical automated technologies that continue to support your changing business needs, new market demands, updated safety standards and ageing and productivity problems.

Cheng Hua has performed thousands of modernisations and upgrades for Cheng Hua AND Cheng Hua system installations. With more employees dedicated to customer service, modernisation and upgrade projects, Cheng Hua remains unmatched in experience and commitment to the aftermarket.

Offering a deep bench of vertical market experience, Cheng Hua modernisations ensure uptime, reliability, and exemplary operational performance for your automation technologies.

Programs include: 


Obsolescence Upgrades

Obsolescence of critical parts can become a real risk to the continued availability of your system. Cheng Hua has the skills and experience to transform your system using the latest technologies thus reducing operational risk, increasing efficiency, improving reliability and enhancing maintenance diagnostics. 

Performance Optimisation

Over time the performance of your system can deteriorate. As mechanical wear increases, the ability of the system to function reliably decreases; errors can increase as tolerances begin to drift which have a direct affect on the productivity of your operation. Some parts are easily replaced but eventually you will find a more substantial intervention may be required. Cheng Huacan work with your operational teams to identify root causes of poor system performance and undertake flexible refurbishment programs to enable you to realise your systems full potential once again.

Safety System Upgrades

Keeping your team safe is paramount to your business and with safety and regulatory standards on a path of continuous improvement it is important that your system is able to meet those standards. Cheng Hua’s experts are available to audit your system, make a conclusive recommendation and undertake the required changes so to ensure your system conforms to current regulatory requirements. 


System Reorganisation

A change in a business process, new product lines or any number of other reasons may drive a review of your current system. If you don’t engineer out the pinch points or bottlenecks identified as restricting your growth, it is only a matter of time before you lose your competitive advantage. Cheng Hua's Modernisation and Upgrade team is able to work with you to concept, design and deliverprojects which ensure your system adapts to the needs of your business.