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CHENG HUA is a leader in providing material handling solutions. We are backed by a long and respected legacy spanning over four decades of automated material handling system design, manufacture, installations and software solutions.
Concept and Layout Planning
Systems Engineering and Equipment Design
Total Project Management
Electrical and Software Solutions
Fabrication and Assembly
Installation, Documentation, Training
After Sales Service

Conveyors : Roller / Zero Pressure / Accumulation /
Belt / Free Flow / Chain / Slat / Roller Bed / Power & Free/ Overhead / Friction Conveyor
Vertilator, Lifter, Air Lifter, Scissor Lifter, Turn Table,
Traverser, Diverter
Robotic system, Auto Storage & Retrieval System, Automatic Palletizer & Depalletizer
Electrical Control System, PLC and PC Software
Powder Coating Plant
Paint Finishing Systems
Industrial Continuous Oven
Industrial Batch Oven

Robotic Welding System
Education Training Kit
Special Process
Automation Machines
Waste Treatment Plant
Renewable Energy Projects

Tire Industries
Distribution & Warehouse
Home Appliances
Other Systems

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